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Ideal freezer temperature lg

Ideal freezer temperature lg

In order to maintain food quality and prevent various problems, maintaining the temperature in the freezer is critical.

Lg freezer not freezing ice cream

A common problem is that ice cream does not freeze properly in the LG freezer. This difficulty can be frustrating, but it can usually be solved by

  1. Making sure the temperature inside the freezer is low enough to freeze the ice cream. You need to set the degrees between -18°C and -23°C. Check the t° setting and make sure it is set low enough to effectively freeze ice cream.
  2. Check that there are no obstructions to the free flow of air in the freezer compartment. Packaging or other objects can block the vents, resulting in uneven distribution of cold. Remove any obstructions and make sure the vents are not blocked.
  3. Improperly packaged ice cream can quickly lose its texture and become soft. Make sure the ice cream is stored in a tightly closed package or container.

If the problem persists after checking the above factors, you may have a technical problem with your freezer. It is recommended that you contact a professional appliance technician for diagnosis and repair.

Why is everything in my refrigerator freezing

Some possible reasons why food is freezing in my refrigerator are

  • Incorrect temperature setting;
  • Loose door latch;
  • Thermostat malfunction;
  • Overloading the refrigerator;
  • Poor air circulation.

Lettuce that freezes in the refrigerator will spoil the greens. Try raising the refrigerator temperature slightly. Ideally, the refrigerator compartment should be set between 35°F and 38°F (2°C to 3°C). Also, store lettuce in a vegetable drawer or an airtight container to protect it from direct contact with excessively cold air.

If you notice that items in the refrigerator are freezing despite the proper t° settings, this may indicate a possible problem with the appliance itself. In such cases, it is advisable to seek professional help from a reliable appliance repair service or commercial refrigerator repair service. There are several services in Charlotte that specialize in LG appliance repair.

Maintaining the ideal temperature in your LG freezer is key to ensuring optimal food storage. If your LG freezer is not freezing ice or LG refrigerator is not freezing food properly, adjusting the t° settings is usually the first step to fixing the problem. However, if the problem persists or you suspect a malfunction in the appliance, it is important to contact a commercial refrigeration repair service.