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Сommercial ice machine repair

Сommercial ice machine repair

Ice makers for fast freezing water include running the motor and compressor at maximum to make enough ice for drinks in a conditional 15-30 minutes. Such devices fail rarely, but if they do, the consequences are serious enough because repair most likely involves replacing the compressor, motor or electronic components. Commercial ice machine repair near me our technicians are ready to perform for you and your business, to order the service, just call us or fill out a form on the website.

Commercial ice machine repair service near me

The ice makers are a rather delicate device, which is important to operate correctly. It is ideal if it is located in a separate room or away from other large appliances. The operation of commercial ice generators is very different from home appliances of the same purpose. When operated in a poorly ventilated environment, the unit will work harder, causing the compressor to malfunction. Moreover, it is important to use high-quality, that is, purified water. Our techs are ready to perform emergency commercial ice maker machine repair. This procedure includes:

  • Diagnostics. Here the unit will be checked for external damage and voltage drop on various parts of the circuit. Computer diagnostics and thermostat operation tests are also performed.
  • Partial Disassembly. – Partial disassembly. To understand the problem, it’s necessary to disassemble the unit and view the problematic module. Depending on the degree of damage, the module can be replaced or repaired.
  • Part replacement. Components are replaced quickly, as almost all are available in our technicians’ tracks.
  • Reassembly and testing. The unit is reassembled and systems are tested.

When you call us for commercial ice cream machine repair near me, it’s worth providing basic information about the machine, including the make, model, and type of equipment. This will help you choose the right parts.

Commercial ice machine repair cost

It is recommended to perform basic maintenance twice a year to keep the cost of appliance repair moderate. This approach reduces the probability of breakdowns to 90 % and extends the life of the equipment considerably. The price of the service may vary depending on the brand, model, year of manufacture, condition of the device, with the final cost can only provide the technician who is on call.

We carry out commercial ice machine repair near me for restaurants, as well as for:

  • bars, cafes, snack bars;
  • hotels and motels;
  • gas stations, grocery stores and more.

We work all over Charlotte area and are available on the day of your call as well as at a different date that works best for you.

Among the advantages of our commercial ice machine repair company near me are worth highlighting the following:

  • work in 1 day without the need to transport the equipment to the workshop;
  • all parts are OEM or or substitutes recommended by manufacturers of the equipment;
  • 6-month warranty for home services.

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