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Commercial cooler repair

Commercial cooler repair

Refrigeration equipment is used in the home at all times in moderation. In commercial enterprises this home appliances are working at maximum capacity due to the large flow of people, the constant opening of the door and almost always a full load. Our company is engaged in cooler repair near me, to order the repair crew is simple enough – just call us and appoint a date and time or fill out the form on the website.

Commercial beer coolers

One of the most demanded types of refrigeration equipment in cafes, bars and snack bars is a beer cooler, which is used to cool not only beer, but also drinks based on it, ready cocktails, sodas and so on. During peak hours, this unit is running at peak capacity and can fail after 1 year of operation 1-5 times every 2 months. Beer cooler repair consists of these steps:

  • Diagnosis. Examination of the equipment is carried out with further computer diagnostics and performing partial disassembly. Also performed voltage measurement.
  • Checking the operation of the sensors of temperature control and motor switching.
  • Final determination of the cause of the malfunction.
  • Repair or replacement of the part.
  • Calibrating operation.
  • Reassembly.
  • Testing.

The main signs of malfunction can be leakage, ice accumulation on the wall or bottles, spontaneous activation of the motor or its continuous operation without pauses, as well as the presence of extraneous noise during operation and lack of cooling when working for a long time.

In order to avoid problems with this type of equipment, we recommend diagnostics followed by replacement of worn parts twice a year. This process can take no more than 3 hours, for cooler repair service – from 3 hours.

Commercial cooler repair near me

Appliance repair is performed by professional technicians, who are educated and take refresher courses, including those from manufacturers. Beer cooler repair near me and conventional refrigerators are carried out only after agreeing on all actions with the customer.

We perform commercial beer cooler repair near me, more specifically throughout Charlotte and its subs. When carrying out works to restore the functionality of used original parts or those that are recommended as analogues by the manufacturer of refrigeration equipment.

It is worth turning to us because:

  • The presence of an official warranty on the work and parts. The warranty for all manipulations is valid for 6 months, which allows you to evaluate the quality of our services.
  • Ability to come onsite on the day of treatment or on a date convenient to the customer.
  • Quick repair without the need to transport your equipment to the shop.

When ordering home services from us, it is important to specify the manufacturer, type of equipment, model, which will simplify the selection of spare parts before departure.

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