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Commercial laundry repair

Commercial laundry repair

Laundromats are used by dozens and sometimes hundreds of people every day. Each washer or dryer performs 10 to 30 cycles per day and remains in operation for a long time. This result is only possible with planned maintenance and replacement of consumables. Our company provides both professional service and commercial laundry repair service near me. You can book a visit from our team of experts by phone or via our website by filling out the feedback form.

Commercial laundry equipment repair

Commercial laundry service repair is not only about restoring functionality, but also about systematic maintenance throughout the life of the equipment. Diagnostics and testing should be performed at least twice a year, or at least every 4 months for laundries, as with all commercial equipment. This approach will significantly extend the life of the equipment. We provide appliance repair in Charlotte for these appliances:

  • Washing Machines. This includes checking the general condition of parts and equipment, checking the drum, replacing and cleaning the filter elements, and cleaning the residue of cleaning chemicals. And only after that we start to replace the parts.
  • Dryers. The main work is to clean or replace the heating elements, filters, and the drum ribs where a lot of fibers accumulate. A basic check of the electronics is also performed.

Сommercial laundry equipment repair near me is performed on a single piece of equipment as well as in bulk. We are prepared to send multiple teams of technicians if it is important to test and repair a lot of equipment in 1 business day.

Commercial laundry repair service

Our company performs the following types of repair commercial laundry equipment:

  • Mechanical. We do testing of operation, check valves, drum, coil, pump, heating elements, bearings and so on. Partial disassembly of equipment is performed.
  • Electrical. Wiring voltage is tested and, if necessary, electronic units, fuses, boards, converters, etc. are replaced or repaired.
  • Software. Includes verification of work with internal software – this will help in cases when device settings are lost due to power surges, errors, or in case of reinstallation of the main control unit.

All our services come with an official warranty. We also offer in-home services to repair home appliances, including washers and dryers, kitchen appliances, and air conditioners.

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