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Appliance repair in Dilworth, Charlotte, NC

Appliance repair in Dilworth area

Any appliance is capable of running for a long enough period of time, for that it is important to have it repaired and serviced in a timely manner. You can order refrigerator repairs in Dilworth or other commercial and home appliances in Charlotte, NC from our company. To do this, you need to call us and choose a day and approximate time.

Home appliance repair in Dilworth, Charlotte, NC

Our company offers several types of services:

  • Maintenance. This includes periodic check-ups of appliance systems, as well as maintenance, tune-ups, fixes, and diagnostics. Minor repairs are performed in some cases. Professional service reduces the chance of sudden breakdowns, which is important for machines working in professional kitchens, laundries and other HoReCa establishments.
  • Installation. The efficiency and reliability of the appliance depend on the correct installation and adjustment of professional appliances. Moreover, many manufacturers require certified installation, if this manipulation will be done incorrectly, it is possible denial of warranty.
  • Repairs. Ice maker repairs in Dilworth or any other equipment is performed according to the standards prescribed by the manufacturer, at the permanent location, that is, at the customer’s address. Moreover, all work is guaranteed for 6 months. It is possible to carry out all manipulations in several visits.

Each service includes a test after repair, which allows you to quickly assess the quality of work performed. Refrigerator repairs in Dilworth can be carried out in our workshop if it is necessary to restore the integrity of the body or the main mechanisms and electronics.

What appliance can we repair in Dilworth, Charlotte, NC

Freezer repairs in Dilworth are done in two steps – diagnosis and subsequent repair, in rare cases where the necessary parts are not available or the work is highly complex, transport to the repair shop is necessary. Our service handles the service of:

Our technicians are ready to carry out a range repairs in Dilworth from the world’s leading manufacturers. Our strengths include transparent pricing and using only certified repair parts.

Dilworth, North Carolina

Dilworth, North Carolina is an unusual historic neighborhood located in the southern part of Charlotte. Dilworth’s architecture is characterized by its wooden balconies, narrow streets, and walkways. It is considered one of the oldest neighborhoods in the city. There are a large number of cafes and restaurants serving food from around the world. There are stores and boutiques with designer items in the malls. The area is also home to the famous Freedom Park, where you can stroll by the lake, and at Discovery Place, locals and tourists can visit the planetarium and watch animals.

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