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Dryer repairs

Now on the market there are several types of clothes dryer, the main ones:

  • tumble dryer electric or gas,
  • heat pump electric dryer,
  • all-in-one washer dryers,
  • wash tower laundry centers (stackable units),
  • combo washer and dryer, single unit with dryer built-in above the washing machine.

A significant plus of this type of appliances is that the drying process kills up to 99.46% of all bacteria and germs. At the same time dryer is an appliance with an excessive risk of fire, this is the reason why we strongly recommend our customers to have the appliance inspected and maintain on a regular basis.

7 common dryers’ issues

Unfortunately, dryers are also subject to wear and tear. Some machine malfunctions can lead to a complete breakdown. If you experience problems, in most cases you won’t be able to avoid calling a service company to get your dryer repaired.

Below are some of the most common dryer failures:

  1. Excessive noise is one of the most common dryer problems,
  2. The machine does not turn on,
  3. Clothes stay wrinkled when taken out of the appliance,
  4. The dryer does not rotate/spin,
  5. Machine does not heat up,
  6. Problems with dryer overheating,
  7. Dryer is running constantly.

Without special qualifications and knowledge, it is highly not recommended that you do the repair yourself. Even if you are willing to learn your gas dryer repair guide inside and out. Trying to fix problems on your own can lead to more serious problems and even harm yourself. The professionals at our dryer repair service will help you avoid those mistakes.

In home dryer service

In general, dryer breakdowns can be avoided and you need to ensure the right operating conditions. Regularly clean the filters and the ventilation system. Additionally, modern dryers, as well as washing machines, are able to diagnose problems at an early stage and notify users about them. If you pay attention to these signals on time, you can avoid more serious breakdowns. The first thing to know about clothes dryer repair: unplug your machine before repairing it.

Have you noticed that your dryer is not working as well as it should?

First of all, DO NOT WAIT! Just call our specialist. And as a result, your appliances will be as good as new!

  • The dryer fixer is ready to come to the customer’s home (which makes life much easier for the entire household without distracting them from routine tasks).
  • We proudly serve all of south Charlotte area from uptown itself and the suburbs from Tega Cay in the west to Indian Trail in the east to Lansater in the south.
  • Our parts suppliers are large local stores and probably the largest parts supplier in the entire USA. Our company has accounts with luxury appliance manufacturers, allowing us to make repairs using only original replacement parts.
  • We provide a 6 month warranty on all services and replacement parts installed by our company.
  • Call our office manager at +1 (980) 224-0505 8AM-7PM from Mon. to Sat. and describe what happened with your appliance to get same day dryer repair.

If you are looking for electric dryer repair near me, fill up our contact form on our website. We are ready to repair your device any brand and model at your convenient time.


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