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Commercial prep table

Commercial prep table

The food preparation table is a special type of equipment used for cold preparation in restaurants and other catering facilities. This type of equipment operates throughout the working day and performs the cooling function. Continuous operation without maintenance leads to malfunction and breakdowns, which will help to eliminate the specialists of our company. To order repair and service for your commercial kitchen prep table you can by phone or by filling out the feedback form.

Commercial kitchen prep table

The food preparation table has a form of countertop with two benches, each of which can be both a separate refrigerator and a freezer to maintain the desired temperature and humidity. In some models, the countertop also acts as a cooling element, keeping the temperature between 28 and 40F degrees. In the second case, the model should be used exclusively in a cold shop with a significant distance from the devices that give off heat – stoves, ranges, ovens and so on to improve efficiency. The main task of such products is to minimize the loss of freshness of the products at the time of preparation.

Prep tables commercial kitchens are recommended to check 2-3 times a year to reduce the likelihood of breakage and rapid deterioration of parts. Moreover, the planned maintenance will extend the life of the equipment and maintain the same high level of productivity.

The repair of this type of equipment is carried out in accordance with the following procedure:

  • Basic diagnostics, including external inspection of the device, checking with diagnostic equipment, as well as partial disassembly;
  • Thermostat or other contorls function check;
  • Inspection of the tightness of the system and the refrigerators/freezers;
  • Replacing or repairing parts;
  • System calibration;
  • Performance testing.

Appliance repair is performed without the need to transport the unit to a workshop. With prep table commercial It takes approximately 2 to 10 hours to complete and all parts will already be received by the technician.

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