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Appliance repair in Fort Mill, NC

We were born in a time when it was more common for people to fix things instead of throwing them away. We established our company STAR Appliance Repair for this purpose. Young apprentices are rigorously screened when they are hired and before they go out on a call.

We have taken on the responsibility of meeting the high demands of our customers by opening an appliance repair location near Fort Mill.

For your convenience, we have formed a team that will repair household appliances in your home, laundry room, vacation home, garage, office, business, manufacturing facility, and more.

Home appliance repair in Fort Mill

Looking for refrigerator repair in Fort Mill? Perhaps dryer repair in Fort Mill? We can help you with both, and more. Call us at (980) 224-0505 8AM-7PM Mon to Sat, describe the problem, make an appointment at your convenience, and wait for a technician.

Why do you choose repair over purchase in the majority of cases?

  1. Money savings. Often, repairing an appliance can be much cheaper, especially when you consider the cost of shipping and installing a new unit;
  2. Go green. Discarded appliances end up in landfills more often than they are recycled. Reducing waste means reducing environmental impact;
  3. Saves you time. Repairing appliances means you don’t have to spend time locating, selecting, purchasing, shipping and installing new appliances, which are often different colors and sometimes even different sizes.

Plus, every customer gets:

  • Warranty. We offer a 6-month in-home warranty that covers ALL parts replaced by STAR Appliance Repair;
  • Quick appointment booking. We strive to work quickly, efficiently, and in a way that makes you happy with our service;
  • Fair and upfront pricing. We won’t charge you for the work if the problem is just a circuit breaker, power outage, clogged drain, etc.

What appliance can we repair in Fort Mill

Oven repair in Fort Mill SC is one of the most common requests. Of course we repair ovens, but other than that we can handle any gas, electric, and induction appliance that you have at your disposal.

Give us a call to discuss your repair (980) 224-0505 8AM-7PM Mon to Sat.

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