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Commercial refrigeration repair

Commercial refrigeration repair

Industrial refrigeration equipment is subjected to tremendous stress, and these units are designed to operate under such conditions. To prolong their life and reduce the probability of breakdowns, they must be checked in time, and if a malfunction – urgently repaired to reduce the possibility of occurrence of failures in related systems. The technicians of our firm are ready for refrigeration repair commercial service, just give us a call or send us a message.

Commercial refrigeration repair service near me

Large industrial or commercial refrigerators – equipment found in restaurants and catering facilities, as well as supermarkets and stores. They are responsible for storing large quantities of food. If used improperly – installed near heaters, overfilled, or with doors frequently opened – the unit will fail. Our technicians are ready to perform commercial refrigeration repair near me on the day of the call, without taking the unit to a workshop for diagnosis and repair.

Technicians perform commercial refrigeration repair services by doing the following:

  • Perform system diagnostics.
  • Verify thermostat operation or controls, inspect seals, and check motor and compressor operation by partially disassembling the unit.
  • Perform stress tests on the systems to assess their effectiveness.
  • Checking the tightness of the refrigeration circuit, repairing it and filling it with Freon if necessary.
  • Part replacement.
  • Reassemble the unit.
  • Test the refrigerator’s operation.

The final cost can only be determined by the technician on site, as each case is individual.
In order to prevent problems, it is advisable to order routine maintenance, which is carried out at least 2 times a year to assess the condition of the device.

Local commercial refrigeration repair

Our company performs refrigeration repair near me commercial of the following types:

  • Walk-in coolers;
  • Walk-in refrigerators;
  • Walk-in freezers;
  • Refrigeration bonnets;
  • Refrigerated counters and tables;
  • Supermarket refrigeration racks;
  • Ice makers;
  • Multi-zone refrigerators;
  • Horizontal and vertical freezers.

Before appliance repair, a work plan is agreed with the customer, which helps to fully understand the repair process.

We work throughout Charlotte, providing both home appliance repair services and appliances at large commercial facilities – restaurants, cafes, supermarkets, stores, snack bars, food delivery and mobile kitchens and so on.

Before ordering refrigeration repair commercial near me it is worth to know the basic information of the appliance – brand, model and its type to provide with our operators. This information will help find the parts and facilitate diagnosis in the future.

After the service, there is a briefing on the operation and a warranty on all manipulations and parts.

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