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Appliance repair in Lansdowne neighborhood

Appliance repair in Lansdowne neighborhood

Even the most reliable appliances can fail. Whether it’s an oven, cooktop, refrigerator or washing machine, STAR Appliance Repair provides quality appliance repairs. The technicians repair all brands of broken appliances and provide a 6-month repair warranty.

Domestic appliance fix near you

We value your time, so we always strive to perform appliance repair at your home and in the first visit. Generally, for us ice maker, wine cooler, dryer, freezer, garbage disposal, refrigerator, etc. repair in Lansdowne is easy and does not take much of your time.

The exceptions are complex repairs (such as welding control units or microcircuits) or if your appliance is an unusual make or model and the technician does not have the necessary spare part with him.

We recommend that you call for dryer repair Lansdowne or other appliances as early as possible to avoid further problems and to keep your unit working properly.

Why is it important to troubleshoot early?

STAR Appliance Repair service center in the area handles appliance repairs in both residential and commercial kitchens.

Often our technicians encounter the following malfunctions:

  • blown electrical circuits
  • water leaks
  • Non-functioning motors
  • Blown heating elements
  • etc.

Many of these defects could have been avoided. Simple 5 steps such as.

  1. professional installation
  2. followed the rules of operation
  3. surge protectors
  4. regular clean up
  5. maintenance

can greatly extend the life and quality of your appliance.

What appliance can we repair in Lansdowne Charlotte NC

Of course, defects aren’t just due to negligence. Many models have various design flaws. We have years of experience with different brands and have been able to learn most of the “nuances” of each one, from the oldest models to the newest ones.

Accidents can also occur due to unfavorable conditions. If you suspect any irregularities, such as unusual noises, buzzing, leaks or poor switch operation, contact us immediately at (980) 224-0505 8AM – 7PM Mon to Sat. We will be happy to help you!

Lansdowne, North Carolina

Lansdowne, North Carolina is considered one of the safest neighborhoods and has a population of about 10,000 and growing. Opportunities are presented for residents to get a quality education and develop their skills, as there are excellent educational institutions in the area.

A wide range of business opportunities can be found in Lansdowne due to the presence of various companies, startups, and businesses. Various corporate headquarters, insurance companies, hotels, and energy giants are concentrated here, making the area attractive to investors.

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