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Commercial walk in cooler repair

Commercial walk in cooler repair

Refrigeration rooms are representative of especially large appliances used to cool food in supermarkets, restaurants, stores, etc. The temperature inside can be maintained from 32 to 38 degrees, with additional climate control systems to regulate humidity, ventilation or to create fresh zones for storing fresh meat and fish. In a working day, the chamber can be opened several times, which leads to overloading of the fan motors and the compressor unit. This is why it is important to perform scheduled maintenance on this equipment, including diagnosis and repair. You can order commercial walk in cooler repair near me in Charlotte at our company.

Commercial walk in cooler repair near me

Industrial refrigerators can reach the size of a room or several rooms, so they consist of a common cooling system with several circuits, motors and compressors. It enables fast cooling and maintenance of required humidity parameters. Due to the complex structure of these units, repair is quite difficult and can take up to several days. The standard repair of a commercial walk in cooler includes:

  • Verification of the operation of the unit and its systems. Motor, compressor, fan, dehumidifier and so on are tested. Voltage measurements are made. Software diagnostics and a series of other studies are performed.
  • Check the seal of the chamber. It is important to assess the condition of the seals as well as the jacket because most problems are specifically related to a breach in the tightness of the chamber.
  • Disassemble the system partially or completely. It is often necessary to disassemble and inspect to assess the condition.
  • Replace or restore assembly functionality.
  • Re-assemble and test for operation.

All phases of appliance repair can take from 2 to 10 hours. All work is performed at the permanent location of the chamber.

Signs of the beginning of problems with the refrigeration room

Commercial kitchen walk-in cooler repair is worthwhile when the following signs of malfunction are present:

  • The room has minimal temperature drop for 4 to 8 hours with little traffic during the day.
  • The ventilation system does not work.
  • Frost on the walls or, in some cases, large accumulations of ice in the corners of the room.
  • Fans running but not cooling.
  • Temperature control problems in various areas.
  • Increased power consumption for no reason.

If these problems occur, it is worth calling our service. Routine maintenance of these units every 3 to 4 months is also recommended to prevent these problems. We also offer home repair services for home appliances.

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