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Commercial walk in freezer repair

Commercial walk in freezer repair

Industrial freezers reach the size of a room, making it easy to store food. An open door in such a freezer can let in up to 140 cubic feet of outside air at a time, which significantly reduces the temperature. When working in a restaurant, the doors can be opened dozens of times, and during such operation, the temperature controls and compressor often fail. Our technicians are ready to perform a commercial walk in freezer repair near me in Charlotte in just a few hours, you can call our team by phone or by filling out a request form on our website.

Commercial walk in freezer repair near me

Commercial walk-in freezer repair takes longer and the process is often more complicated due to the large area these units occupy. Just a diagnosis can take several hours, and it is important to repair as quickly as possible, if the operation of the device cardinally depends on the functioning of the business.

It is easier to prevent a problem, so it is recommended to perform diagnostics of the work every 2 months, regardless of the condition of the device. It is also worth calling our crew in the event of such malfunctions:

  • Clogging of the condenser unit;
  • Continuous operation of the compressor for 5-8 hours, depending on the area;
  • Fast temperature loss, which may indicate a problem with sealing;
  • Large accumulations of ice on the walls, indicating high humidity and poor dehumidifier performance;
  • Frozen and/or clogged drain;
  • Slow cooling in a moderately loaded refrigeration room.

With these problems, there is still a good chance of preventing a serious malfunction that could paralyze the business for several days.

Appliance repair is carried out at the place of installation, prior to which a comprehensive diagnosis is performed, including voltage and amperage measurements, tests with special equipment, and disassembly of the system.
Walk in commercial freezer repair is carried out only after all stages have been agreed with the customer. The cost of repair will be quoted after diagnosis.

Scheduled maintenance: Features and benefits

Walk-in commercial freezer repair near me is required in emergency cases, 90% of which occur due to lack of proper maintenance of the device. Our company performs both repair and scheduled maintenance, which will significantly reduce the appearance of failures and breakdowns, as well as prolong the life of the equipment by 2-3 times. This service includes the following:

  • Diagnosis of the condition – a check of the entire unit is performed.
  • Checking the operation of systems.
  • Voltage measurements.
  • Replacing seals if necessary.
  • Repair of components, if necessary.
  • Replacing consumable components.
  • Performance testing.

Conducting these home services takes no more than 3 to 4 hours. Besides the commercial work we do and home appliances.

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