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Commercial freezer repair

Commercial freezer repair

Commercial freezers in cafes, restaurants, bars or snack bars are usually filled to 100% and operate at a minimum temperature of -20 degrees in some models. Models that have a blast chilling function can operate at the maximum temperature of -32 -54F degrees. This type of operation quickly causes natural wear and tear on your home appliances, which can lead to breakdowns. Carry out commercial freezer repair near me ready by technicians of our company, you just need to call us or fill out a form through the site.

Commercial freezer repair service near me

Freezers can be divided into two large categories – blast chambers and long freezers. In the first case, the device operates at minimum temperatures for a long time, and the motor is adapted to such work for 5-12 hours. In the second – freezers gradually freeze food without additional convection. Depending on the type of such equipment should be scheduled maintenance at different times – for shockers every 2-4 months for constant use, for freezers – every 6 months.

Repair commercial freezer is carried out by the specialists, who have passed special training. Before the work is carried out, a comprehensive diagnosis is performed, which includes:

  • voltage check;
  • computer testing;
  • Partial disassembly to check the operation of major assemblies and wiring;
  • Examination of the hull for damage.

Based on the information gathered, a work plan is created and must be approved by the customer.

Repairs can consist of replacing a part or parts of the equipment, such as a compressor or seals, or repairing a mechanical or electronic assembly. After the part is replaced, the unit is reassembled and tested.

When ordering commercial freezer repairs, we recommend to specify the basic information about the appliance, including the manufacturer, the type of device, the model. This will help us to prepare the parts and service manuals for the technician.

Commercial freezer repair service

Commercial freezer repair services are held both in the idea of an emergency and systematic maintenance. In the second case, the thechnicain will come to diagnose the appliance every 3-4 months, which will save it from further problems and downtime. It is worth ordering appliance repair from us because:

  • work throughout the city of Charlotte;
  • 6 months warranty on all parts and services;
  • providing a wide range of home services;
  • readiness to leave on the day of ordering;
  • technicians who have been specially trained;
  • license to perform all work;
  • high quality repairs.

All works are performed in 1 day, and the devices do not need to be transported to the workshop, because our team will have the whole range of necessary repair equipment and spare parts.

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