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How to repair a freezer

How to repair a freezer

Many home appliances are difficult to use, even with an instruction manual, and even more difficult to repair. One of the most popular types of such appliances are freezers. They allow you to store quickly perishable foods for a long time and long enough not to fail. However, commercial freezers with large capacity and power are much more likely to fail due to constant opening and closing.

How to repair an alarm on a commercial freezer

The alarm on freezers does not turn off because it is not a stand-alone setting, but merely a means of emergency notification of a problem. Depending on the manufacturer, it may work differently. For example, in many of these luxury appliances, the alarm will sound if food is placed in the freezer with the door open for a long period of time – if the temperature inside the freezer rises significantly above the set temperature or 10F degrees, the freezer may sound an alarm every 1.5-2 seconds until the temperature stabilizes. This is often what is found out during ultra low temperature freezer repair.

Before you ask yourself how to repair an alarm on a commercial freezer, it’s worth outlining the main causes of the alarm:

  • The water drainage line is clogged, resulting in a lack of air circulation. In this case, it is recommended to call a technician to solve the problem. Our service technicians will perform all home services in the shortest possible time.
  • Significant amount of ice on walls. In this case, it is necessary to perform forced defrosting and determine the source of the problem.
  • Compressor failure. To be sure, you should open the freezer and check the condition of the food, if it does not freeze and the food melts, you must call us.
  • Broken thermostat or control board. It is easy to distinguish this case from the simple operation of the refrigeration system – the compressor works too long. Similar behavior can be caused by a low amount of Freon in the system. In such a case it is impossible to do without the services of a quality service.
  • Wear of seals. The appliance begins to be covered with frost, it is associated with depressurization and temperature loss due to cold air leakage.

Upright freezer repair or chest freezer repair occurs approximately on the same principle, the main differences are in the availability of parts for disassembly.

Upright Freezer Repair

How to repair a freezer in Charlotte and suburbs? If it’s not due to overloading or freezing, you should call our appliance repair service right away. Vertical freezers can have one, two or more chambers, depending on the type. Each chamber sets its own temperature, which is convenient for restaurant use. Depending on this, there may be multiple compressors and even motors. Walk-in freezer repair follows this pattern:

  • Perform an inspection and diagnosis. At this stage, the systems are tested and the electronics are calibrated; if the unit is still not working properly, the technician moves on to the second stage.
  • Disassemble the system or the entire unit. This is necessary for the determination of the problem, most often the external unit is disassembled, which includes the compressor, coil, motor, and the work of the elements is tested.
  • Performance of parts replacement. The vast majority of spare parts are available from our technicians in service trucks, when making a request it is advisable to specify the model of the equipment and the year of manufacture.
  • Performance test.

After the service, we provide a warranty on the work and parts.