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Commercial washer repair

Commercial washer repair

Washing machines are among the first home appliances to fail due to excessive use, hard water, use of inferior detergents, and so on. With industrial counterparts, everything is a little more complicated because they are designed to operate under heavy loads, but with more thorough maintenance and repair. To carry out commercial washer repair near me in Charlotte our company is ready, to scheldule an appointment just call us.

Commercial washer and dryer repair

The washing machine or dryer breaks down more often due to improper use, poor water quality and aggressive detergents. For example, scale builds up on the walls of the appliance where the gaskets are located, and the drain and water inlet pipes are filled with lime scale. To prevent problems, it is a good idea to use water softeners and call our team 2-3 times a year for condition assessment and minor repairs. You can order professional service for your equipment from us.

If you need emergency commercial washer and dryer repair service near me, we are also ready to help. So, we offer these types of appliance repair:

  • Software, i.e. the adjustment of the operation of the device by means of special equipment with software. In particular, it is possible to carry out reflashing of electronic modules, calibration works and many other things. This type of repair is mainly in case it is of no help later, the master will go to the mechanical repair.
  • Mechanical. It consists of partial or complete disassembly of the system or the entire unit for determination of the exact cause of failure and replacement of worn parts. May include replacement of heating elements, drums, belts, valves, filters, etc., but in 50% cases the problem is a clogged drain filter.
  • Electrical. This repair uses voltmeters and ammeters to show the level of voltage loss and electrical current in the system, which may indicate a complete failure of the control module or controller.

A 6 month warranty is provided after commercial washer and dryer repair near me.

Commercial Washer Repair Service

The commercial washer dryer repair from our company includes the coordination of the stages of the repair with the customer, which allows the customer to estimate the amount of work. The final cost can only be provided by the technician who will be at the site. All our home services are provided without the need to transport the equipment to the workshop.

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