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Commercial oven repair

Commercial oven repair

Home stoves are used every day for different purposes and they can last long enough for years without a single breakage. In the case of commercial stoves, it is somewhat different, because they work non-stop for 8-14 hours, depending on the time of the restaurant. To reduce the likelihood of problems with such equipment, you should conduct routine maintenance at least 2 times a year. To carry out maintenance and commercial oven repair near me in Charlotte are ready to masters of our service, to order you need to fill out an application through the website or call.

Commercial stove repair

Ovens for restaurants or catering facilities are large and powerful, so the wear and tear occurs more quickly. For normal functioning of this equipment it is important to perform a maintenance, which includes diagnostics of work, replacement of worn out parts, refilling of freon if necessary, cooling system and heat dissipation inspection and so on. With this approach it is possible to reduce the probability of breakdowns by 90%. Our company recommends that such a service is mandatory for gas stoves and ovens. This is necessary to reduce the likelihood of leaks and to improve the draught, from which the burners will work more efficiently.

Commercial gas range repair should also be carried out urgently and our team is ready to leave on such cases on the day of call. A typical appliance repair consists of:

  • Checking the operation of all systems and the unit as a whole. We carry out diagnostics using special tools and software.
  • Disassembly of the device to assess the condition of systems and individual units.
  • Replacing or repairing parts with subsequent installation.
  • Checking the operation of the equipment.

A common problem of such appliances is a breakdown of the temperature sensor, gas-stop system or clogging of the gas supply system to the burner in the case of gas models. In the electric models, the problem – blown contacts and destruction of the heating element.

Separately worth mentioning and commercial stove repair near me from our company. We carry out home appliances as freestanding and built-in ovens and combi-steamers.

Commercial range repair

Our company carries out commercial oven repair service, as well as other equipment included in the concept of commercial range, including:

  • heat-keeping marmites;
  • convection ovens;
  • industrial ovens;
  • grill ovens;
  • induction hobs;
  • baking ovens;
  • Food preparation ovens;
  • industrial frying pans;
  • hoppers;
  • thermal cabinets and much more.

We provide home services throughout the city, we are ready to leave on a scheduled date, and on the day of the call, subject to the availability of free craftsmen. When contacting our commercial oven repair service near me, each customer will receive a warranty on parts and our work for 6 months. In the application by phone you should specify the type of equipment, manufacturer, model and approximate year of manufacture for parts selection. No transportation to the shop, all repairs are done on site.

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