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Commercial food truck repair

Commercial food truck repair

Food trucks are kitchens on wheels with all the basic equipment, from refrigerator to stove, hood and additional cooking equipment. Such kitchens work in the field and are subject to breakdowns due to summer heat or winter cold. Normal operation of the equipment is possible only with proper operation and scheduled diagnostics with replacement of components. The specialists of our company are ready to accomplish maintenance and food truck repair, and we also provide other types of home services.

Food truck repair service

Food trucks are really field kitchens, and the equipment installed in them is quite standard for a restaurant or home kitchen, i.e. not adapted to work in extreme conditions. Problems with refrigeration or ventilation systems are connected with this. We provide this type of food truck repair service:

  • Restoration of the refrigeration and freezing equipment and systems. Inspecting, diagnosing and replacing components. The equipment may be dismantled for disassembly. All work is performed without the need to transport the equipment to the workshop.
  • Water filtration system repair. The problem of food trucks receiving water, so in models with installed filtration system is important to replace filters every 3-5 months.
  • Food truck repair near me airconditioning or ventilation in models that use them.
  • Repair of ovens and portable ovens, grills or cooking surfaces.
  • Complete repair of equipment with replacement of worn parts.
  • Scheduled maintenance 2 or 4 times a year to assess the condition of all systems and replace consumables, seals.

A typical appliance repair process consists of diagnosing all systems and mechanisms, creating a work plan, replacing or calibrating components, and testing the operation. Since most food trucks are converted commercial vehicles, it is difficult to estimate the exact cost of repair until the technician is on site.

Why choose us

Our company is licensed and insured to perform work on the repair of household and industrial kitchen equipment. In this regard, we provide only the official warranty on the components and on the work. Our warranty – 6 months, which allows you to be sure that all processes in the performance of home services.

We work throughout Charlotte, providing services for home appliances as well as commercial and industrial appliances for cooking and storage, ventilation and air heating and so on.

It is worth specifying the reason for the call – breakdown, malfunction, scheduled maintenance, as well as a convenient day for the visit – when ordering Charlotte, NC food truck repair.

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