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Commercial dishwasher repair

Commercial dishwasher repair

Dishwashers make work easier and speed up the process of washing large volumes of dishes. In restaurants and catering facilities, such devices perform dozens of wash cycles per day, which significantly affects the service life. To ensure normal operation, it is worth carrying out routine maintenance of such equipment, as repairs can end up costly. Our company does commercial dishwasher repair near me in Charlotte, performing all repairs directly at the permanent location of the appliance without the need for transportation to a repair shop.

Commercial dishwasher repair service near me

If you need your dishwasher repaired immediately, our technicians are ready to go the day you call. In this case, all work will be done in the shortest possible time without the need to transport equipment.

The easiest way to anticipate the onset of malfunctions is to observe the unit operating in an uncharacteristic manner. Signs that the unit should be checked include the following:

  • Appearance of strange noises during operation. In this case it is necessary to clean the water supply hoses, sprayers or other elements.
  • Poor quality wash, although all requirements for operation are met, or no wash after a cycle.
  • Sensors flashing or beeping during operation.
  • Appearance of warning sounds when the machine is not working.
  • Machine electrification.
  • Frequent failure to drain water.
  • Longer wash time.

When these problems occur, you should call us now and order a commercial dishwasher repair service. It will allow you to avoid more serious problems in the future and will greatly simplify and reduce the cost of repair. We are engaged in the repair of both commercial and home appliances.

Before starting the repair, our technicians make a diagnosis, prepare a repair plan and discuss it with the customer. This approach to appliance repair allows the customer to immediately estimate the cost and time of the service.

Commercial dishwasher repair company

Our commercial dishwasher repair company works throughout Charlotte. Our team includes only professional craftsmen who have undergone special theoretical and practical training. The advantages of commercial dishwasher repair service near me from us are:

  • Carry out the work without the need to transport the equipment. – The most common parts are in the car of the technician – before calling our team, you should describe the problem, name the type of equipment, manufacturer and model.
  • Warranty of 6 months on work and parts.
  • Commercial insurance to carry out this type of work.
  • Fast repair.

All commercial and home services are performed in accordance with the manufacturer’s instructions to avoid mistakes when performing the work.

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