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LG refrigerator freezing food problem

LG refrigerator freezing food problem

Storing food requires the right temperature, which is why refrigerators were created. These devices allow storing food for a certain period of time before it is consumed. Using refrigerators according to the rules of operation helps to prolong their work. If the manufacturer’s requirements are violated, refrigerators may start working improperly, resulting in ice on the back wall, so LG refrigerator freezing food problem occurs.

Why is food freezing in the back of my refrigerator

The function of a refrigerator with a drip defrost system is to cool the air, which hits the evaporator as moisture and runs down its walls. Sometimes the condensate freezes and forms thin ice. Its appearance signals a problem. If the refrigeration unit is working properly, its malfunction can be ruled out.

If the LG refrigerator is too cold, the ice may freeze if mistakes are made in the operation of the appliance. It is recommended to pay attention to this.

  1. Incorrect temperature setting. If the refrigerator’s operating temperature is set too low, the refrigerator and freezer compartments will not function properly. A sharp decrease in the LG refrigerator’s recommended temperature settings is associated with the appearance of snow on the back of the unit, covering shelves and drawers with ice. Foods without packaging will freeze. If icing is detected, it is recommended to check the temperature setting. The problem may be solved by adjusting the thermostat according to the instructions.
  2. The compartment is not closed properly. Specialists advise you to check the tightness of the refrigerator door: a shelf, a container with vegetables or crumbs in the seal can interfere. An ajar door is a guarantee of warm air entry, which leads to increased operating speed and frosting on the back wall.
  3. Improper operation. The refrigerator must be installed away from the wall so that air can circulate around the motor. Do not place hot dishes or open containers of liquids in the refrigerator. A clogged refrigerator may affect the operation of the appliance.
  4. Overheating of the room air above +30°C.
  5. Faulty refrigeration system or parts.

If there are any defects, the unit should be taken to a service center for appliance repair. Technicians provide home services for refrigeration repair.

Why is fridge freezing food

The refrigerator works on the scheme of blowing cold air from the freezer to the refrigerator through special channels that are blocked by a flap. If the flap is jammed, cold air masses regularly move from the freezer to the refrigerator, causing the LG refrigerator to freeze. The cause of the malfunction is a broken damper.

Ice can freeze for several other reasons:

  1. The door seal is damaged. This problem can cause warm air to enter the refrigerator compartment. The appliance must work continuously, causing the back panel and food near it to freeze.
  2. Freon is leaking from the system. Failure occurs due to metal corrosion or after a knife cuts the hose. Lack of refrigerant causes food in the refrigerator compartment to freeze excessively.
  3. Defect in the control module. The functioning of the whole system of LG refrigerators depends on it. Failure occurs due to voltage fluctuations. Failure in the system leads to burnout of the temperature indicator, individual radio elements and LG refrigerator is freezing food.
  4. Malfunction of the solenoid valve controlling the refrigerant supply.

If the above mentioned malfunctions of LG refrigerator are detected, it is recommended to call a technician in Charlotte. You can order the service by making a request on the website or by calling the phone number provided.