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Fridge freezing food

Refrigerator Freezing Food

A refrigerator is a must in every kitchen. This appliance ensures the freshness, preservation of food. But like any home appliances, the refrigerator can stop working properly. The most common problem is considered to be the fridge freezing food. Why does this happen, what should be done in such cases?

Why is the food in my refrigerator freezing?

When there are some atypical signs of functioning of household appliances, owners think about appliance repair. Sometimes the causes are factors that do not require serious intervention.

Often the fridge is freezing everything due to the user’s negligence:

  • The temperature is set incorrectly;
  • Inappropriate cooling modes – “supercooling”, “quick freezing”;
  • Frequent opening and closing of the door;
  • Placing hot food;
  • Coating of the chamber walls with ice crust;
  • Violation of operating rules.

Such situations are resolved by eliminating the cause without calling for service.

It is worth checking whether the set temperature corresponds to the recommended value for the refrigerator – 36-38°F. If not, it is necessary to adjust its value.

It is important to check that the refrigerator doors are completely closed. It is forbidden to put dishes with hot, warm food inside. The heat causes steam to condense on the walls, causing icing.

Check the rubber seals on the doors: exclude holes, cracks, slits. They allow air from the room to enter the appliance. Damage detected? The material should be replaced.

It is necessary to check and, if necessary, clean the drain pipes. The procedure is simple: the device is unplugged, unloaded. The elements are cleaned with soft, flexible tools.

Such simple manipulations will solve the problem. But even if it fails, the owner of the device will realize that the causes are different (for example, technical problems).

Why my refrigerator is freezing my food: technical issues?

In addition to user factors, fridge freezing everything can be due to failure of individual parts of the refrigerator. Their elimination requires professional diagnosis and replacement. These include

  • Failure of the air damper;
  • Failure of the control module – electronic controller;
  • Breakage of the valve for switching the cooling modes;
  • Lack of refrigerant or refrigerant leakage – only a qualified technician can fix this;
  • Thermostat failure;
  • Blockage of the capillary system through which the Freon circulates.

In modern appliances equipped with ADC (Automatic Defrost Control), over-freezing of food is not a typical symptom. It occurs for the following reasons:

  • The door between the chambers is broken – icy air from the freezer is flowing into the refrigerator;
  • The temperature sensor is broken – the compressor does not see the signals, it reacts only to the drop in temperature.

In case of such defects it is necessary to urgently contact home services for professional help. Independent intervention is possible only if the user has the necessary knowledge, skills. Lack of experience with such devices is fraught with complications, expensive repair.

The technician who repairs household appliances must be competent. It is worth carefully choosing an appliance service in Charlotte. The quality of the repair, the longevity of the refrigerator depends on it.

Companies that provide repair services, it is better to search through online resources. The official sites provide the necessary information: the list of works, costs, turnaround time, experience, qualification of employees. Customer reviews are also very important.