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Why are things freezing in my fridge

Why are things freezing in my fridge

Refrigerators are all different and most problems are the same. Often you will find that the refrigerator compartment is over-freezing or that there is snow or ice in the freezer compartment, even though the appliances have built-in automatic defrost options. What are the main causes of these problems and when should I call a service technician?

Everything is freezing in my refrigerator

First, let’s analyze the situations when there is no need to panic and call a service technician. 40% of the appearance of freezing on the products or freezing them to the walls is improper operation. In other cases it is worth checking:

  • Express cooling mode is on. When this function is activated, the refrigerator can operate at sub-zero temperatures for rapid cooling. If everything in my fridge is freezing, it is worth disabling this mode, as snow or even a little ice will form on the products.
  • Stacking food in the Fresh Zone to store fresh fish and meat. Unlike all other refrigerators, this zone operates at a temperature of 30F to 34F degrees and any products placed there may be covered with ice. This usually happens because of the large amount of food you put in this area.
  • If everything is freezing in my refrigerator for reasons other than the above, it is worth contacting our company for appliance repair.

For example, common causes of ice on the walls and products are:

  • Thermostat, temperature sensor or control module failure. The thermostat (or control module on newer models) is responsible for turning on and off the compressor, and if it malfunctions, the refrigerator can work as a freezer. In this case, the defective part must be replaced immediately.
  • Incorrect operation of the air damper in the refrigerators. In this case, air is blown from the freezer compartment into the refrigerator compartment, causing food freezing in the back of the fridge. Signs of this problem include normal freezer operation and infrequent compressor shutdowns.
  • Ice formation due to loose, damaged or improperly installed seals. In this case, air from the outside enters the refrigeration compartment, causing the unit to work more intensively and temperatures to drop below freezing. It is required to check the integrity of door seals and if there is a problem, call our experts for replacement.
  • Freon leakage. Depressurization of the system occurs and food freezing in the fridge closer to the back wall. If this problem occurs, you should call us immediately to avoid food spoilage in your refrigerator.

There are also other causes that require the intervention of a technician.

Why are things freezing in my fridge

Food freezing in the refrigerator not for mechanical reasons, but for software reasons. The refrigerator’s operation is controlled by the control board with special software. In case of sudden voltage fluctuations or lightning, the control board can be partially damaged or the whole module can be out of order, which leads to problems with the functioning of the appliance. In this case, you must call a technician to repair and reassemble or replace the control elements. Any appliance repair will be carried out on the same day if we have technicians available in your area.