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Lg refrigerator temperature setting

LG refrigerator temperature setting

We can’t imagine life without kitchen appliances. If you can do without a blender or a toaster, there are appliances that can cause a lot of inconvenience if they break down. We are talking about refrigerators, which can break down for various reasons. When this happens, it is necessary to contact an appliance repair.

Why is my food freezing in my refrigerator

One possible failure of the unit is LG refrigerator temperature too cold.

There are several reasons why the temperature is too low and food freezes.

The thermostat, which is responsible for controlling the temperature, is malfunctioning. When it is broken, it does not maintain the correct temperature and this causes food to freeze.

If the door is loose, cold air goes out and warm air comes in. This causes the temperature to drop and the food to freeze.

If too much food is placed, it is difficult for air to circulate. As a result, the temperature will be too low and the food will freeze.

The appliance must be cleaned and maintained regularly to keep it working properly. If it is not maintained as it should be, it will not maintain the correct temperature, which will cause problems.

User-related causes (lots of food and poorly closed door) have been ruled out. If the problem persists, a professional should be called. There is a repair shop in Charlotte that fixes low temperature problems with LG refrigerators. If you sign up for their newsletter on their website, you can get a 10% discount on your first repair. The staff of the repair shop is professional and experienced. It is possible to repair various types: household (built-in, free-standing, with bottom freezer, with a French door, side-by-side freezers), commercial refrigerators. Home services for the repair of a variety of household appliances are performed.

LG refrigerator vegetable drawer freezing

A common cause of refrigerator failure is the freezing of food in the vegetable drawer. There are several reasons for this, but the main ones are as follows.

The vegetable drawer usually has a lower temperature than the main compartment. If the temperature in the vegetable drawer is too low, the food will freeze. Make sure the vegetable compartment temperature is set to the correct temperature, usually around 0-4°C (32-39 degrees Fahrenheit).

If there is a humidity regulator for the vegetable compartment, check to see if it is damaged or not working properly. Make sure it is in good working order. If it is broken, it must be replaced.

If the vegetable drawer is poorly insulated, cold air from the main compartment will enter and freeze food. Check the vegetable drawer door seal to make sure it is in good condition and provides proper insulation.

If such problems are detected, it is recommended to contact a professional service center for refrigerator diagnosis and repair. The repair shop will perform emergency repairs at your home. Why you should contact an appliance repair.

The repair technicians have the experience and skills necessary to resolve problems quickly and efficiently;

The workshop guarantees the work done;

The workshop is equipped with a wide range of spare parts for quick and efficient repairs.

If the LG refrigerator is too cold, we recommend that you contact a professional appliance repair Charlotte. This will save you time and money and give you the opportunity to get a warranty on the work. By choosing this appliance repair company, you can be sure that your refrigerator will be repaired quickly, efficiently, and at a reasonable price.