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Kenmore appliance repair

Kenmore appliance repair

Kenmore is a trusted brand in the world of home appliances, offering a wide range of products to meet the needs of the modern home. Founded over 100 years ago, the company has built a reputation for quality, affordability and innovation. Kenmore has a product to suit the lifestyle of every household, from refrigerators to dishwashers and everything in between.

Kenmore is committed to providing energy-efficient appliances that help customers save money and reduce environmental impact. The company’s line of Energy Star certified appliances is evidence of its commitment to sustainability. These appliances help customers lower their monthly energy bills and reduce their carbon footprint by using less energy than traditional models.

Kenmore manufactures typical electronics for kitchen, home and commercial applications. The manufacturer strongly recommends maintenance at least once a year for residential appliance and twice for professional appliances. Such service will save your appliances from serious premature failure and extend their life. You can order maintenance or Kenmore service repair in our company, for this purpose it is necessary to call us or to leave the request through the form on a website.

Kenmore appliances repair near me

Even when the units are properly operated, they fail, largely due to parts that last much less. Routine maintenance can significantly extend the recommended service life and also significantly reduces the likelihood of serious accidents. During an inspection, you will perform:

  • A visual inspection of the appliance to determine damage.
  • Complete diagnostics including electronic components and mechanical units.
  • Carrying out replacement parts, for example, in Kenmore refrigerator repair, the compressor may be replaced or freon filling work is carried out.
  • Checking the performance of the equipment after the repair is completed.

Repairs are performed according to the procedures outlined in the equipment manufacturer’s repair and maintenance manuals. Inspection and performance testing of related components are also performed. Replacement of components, adjustment, recharging, etc. can be carried out. Our advantages are:

  • Professional training. Technicians receive both basic training on the general protocol and more in-depth training at courses and trainings conducted by the brands.
  • Reasonable prices. We are paid only for work, details and diagnostics. Prices for services are listed in the Appliance Repair Price Guide.
  • Only certified parts are used. By using manufacturer-recommended parts, repairs are completed in the least amount of time and with the least amount of complications.

A 6-month warranty covers all parts and labor. When ordering Kenmore refrigerator repair near me, it is worth specifying the model of the unit for a better understanding of the situation. Almost all malfunctions are resolved after the first visit by our team.

Kenmore appliance repair Charlotte NC

Our service works throughout South Charlotte and the surrounding areas, performing not only Kenmore freezer repair and other brand equipment, but also fix and tune-ups. We are prepared to do ice maker repair Kenmore and:

  • Refrigerators and freezers;
  • Gas and electric ovens and cooktops;
  • Range hoods;
  • Washing machines and dryers.

We do repair of professional equipment for restaurants and hotels.

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